Private: Six Sessions - 1 hour 45 minutes

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An integral part of embodying a deeper connection in your marital partnership is to first understand the vision for unity.  When you have a mutual vision you are cognizant of what is required of you and both are making decisions to support the partnership.  During these sessions, you learn about the key elements essential for cultivating a safe haven for a deeper connection that will endure the test of time.  When couples operate on one accord each is contributing to the whole and growth is inevitable for all.  Whereby, both are selflessly available to make choices to support unity, growth, and family. 


For best results, the session is combined with teachings and coaching so you have a common goal to work toward as you are coached to clarity to address current concerns you may have and to use as tools so you are the creator of the marriage you want.


After attending these sessions, you may schedule additional coaching sessions as an individual or a couple. Additional coaching sessions are provided by phone and occasionally in my office. 


Package plans:

Four sessions 

Six sessions

Eight sessions

Twelve sessions


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