How Will You Begin Your Love Story...Understanding or Unknowing

March 18, 2015

Weddings are sentimental for me.  I have a huge heart for all the couples I marry.  At one time I never understood why anyone would cry at a wedding.  Until I had failed at marriage and remarried.  Some cry for joy and I cried because I had a better understanding of marriage and what it is to spend the rest of my life loving another so I did not want to fail again.  I learned much later in life that marriage is a way to offer the greatest gifts of ourself to each other and the future generations.  In a greater scope it effects our spiritual growth, how to be in a partnership and also what we teach our children about love, partnership, trust and loyalty.


It effects our relationships with others and our mission to accomplish what God sent us here to do.  Our union in marriage either reflects more love or more pain and that's what flows from us into the world and is then passed on from generation to generation.  That's why loving can be everlasting.  So maybe one day your child or somebody else will say,"I want a marriage just like my parents".  The key is children recreate what we mentor to them. 


I find that truth enlightens us all.  And when you begin with knowledge you begin with an understanding of what is required of you so you can head in the direction that creates the most loving outcomes for unity.  Marriage is a loving partnership that generates growth and a deeper love when we understand the beauty of its timeless principles and when applied and practiced.  Most don't know where to begin because maybe they haven't had good examples of how or what makes a loving partnership for marriage successful.  Or maybe you just need hear what you already know.  Here is where I can assist you to begin your oneness journey.


Join me in learning about four spiritual love principles that when applied and practiced will be all the preventive care you require to cultivate a loving partnership that is everlasting.  You will understand the meaning of marriage and about establishing the foundation for marriage that ensures partnerships that supports loving unions.


Join me on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 11 AM in Columbia, MD. RSVP at

Or to schedule a private session contact me at 410-717-8693.


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