Is Premarital Essential?

February 13, 2015

In all my years of teaching, there were many couples who chose not to attend my premarital session.  A majority will spend their time planning for a celebration that will only last a day rather than investing in tools that would prepare them for a lifetime of celebrating.  There was a time when I too gave my attention to the wedding day celebration thinking I could handle being married all by myself.  My wakeup call was it requires two in a partnership!  After attending multiple relationship counseling sessions and reading what the experts have to say about the causes of divorce, I was compelled to seek the truth.  After years of research what I learned is most premarital services seem to address the after affects of a failed marriage, reflective of a neverending story.  We are living in a world that keeps a record of our lack of focus and understanding regarding lifetime loving commitments.  Divorce rates are high and continue to rise with the change of time.  My passion for seeing the bigger vision for embodying love and marriage as a timeless entity has allowed me to uncover the beauty which has been buried by overriding issues which serve as a distraction from the authentic intentions of true marital bliss.


Could attending a premarital session enlighten you about love and marriage?  Can it prepare you for a loving partnership that will last a lifetime and beyond?  And finally, can a premarital session give you the tools that would prevent issues that most expert say are the leading causes of divorce today?  I can only answer for my premarital session. The answer is yes!  And this is how.  When I attended a premarital session, I did not want to hear about how to address the common reasons why marriages are ending in divorce.  Those reasons do not address the root cause.  They are the results of lack of preparation and knowledge.  In my pursuit of exploring the truth to happily everafter, what I discovered was so amazing and a true testiment to all that I teach in my premarital sessions!  When you attend this session, you will gain clarity about what is imperative to implement in the beginning of your marriage so you are cognizant about what is necessary to cultivate a loving partnership that has a vision for unity while deepening a connection that effects every other facet of sustaining an eternal commitment. 


So, I have a question for you.  Is premarital essential to you?


To learn more call Terumi Culmer at 410-717-8693.  I offer Sunday group sessions and private sessions. Skype & FaceTime sessions are available as well. 


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