Life Can Be Complicated... Marriage Does Not Have To Be

January 22, 2015


Life offers us so many possibilities.  You can choose to settle for what you see happening in the world or you can seek direction from those who have already succeeded.  There are some things in life you shouldn't just wing it.  Your marriage is one of those things.  Why you ask?  Because in your marriage you have an opportunity to affect the growth and beliefs of so many others around you.  How you directly interact with your spouse effects you, your home, your child(ren), your children's friends, your attitude, your work environment, growth, your extended family, your friends, and everyone you encounter.  If a group of teenagers you didn't know observed you in a public place being a loving spouse to your partner, how do you think that will influence them?  Or when your children see you being selfless with your spouse, what would it create in their world?  It becomes a memory that lives on in their minds.  If they continue to observe this action from other couples more times than not, it becomes their belief.  


When children observe their parents being love, they learn what love is.  Our children then know how to recognize love in the world.  This is how loving partnerships are everlasting.  It begins with married couples who understand the vision for marriage and what is required of them to be a part of a loving commitment with each other that will last for generations to come. 


The beauty of marriage is so powerful that in order to truly see the full magnitude of its possibilities we must take a step back.  It is a safe haven that is like heaven on earth because of the spiritual growth that is beneficial to all that understand the depths of the foundation that supports it.  There are so many essential things we must do as a single person before we can truly love another and begin to manifest love in the world. When we skip that phase, there is so much unnecessary suffering for ourselves and others in our lives.  One can guage their availability when they are ready for a relationship based on their ability to be selfless.  Don't get me wrong!  There is nothing wrong with being selfish.  It is important to remember that when you are in a selfish place it is better to remain single and to be truthful about where you stand with others.  Any other way will intentionally hurt someone.  This requires you to take a pause and begin looking into yourself.  Choosing growth necessitates having an objective person outside of your circle of family and friends.  Spending time with a life coach is a fabulous option because it gets to the root of what's needed for change in less time.  Contact me when you are ready to take this rewarding journey.


Whether you want change or a deeper understanding of marriage, I offer marital sessions to all who are interested in learning about what cultivates a loving partnership that is everlasting and how you are available to be a part this divine union.  These sessions are for singles that want to learn about marriage beforehand and also engaged and married couples who want a deeper understanding about establishing a strong foundation so you continue to navigate as one through all of life's ups and downs.  I hold two group sessions every month on Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM.  You may check my website for scheduled sessions and to RSVP.  Call me if you want a private session or coaching for preventive solutions for arising concerns in your partnership.


Love & Blessings,

Rev. Terumi Culmer



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