Marriage Is A Blissful Partnership!

January 20, 2015

Experts say the leading causes for divorce are finances, infidelity, and communication.  When divorce is final they say the reason is irreconcilable differences.  In my premarital sessions I will provide preventive tools that will address the root causes of separation before those issues are a problem and the door to division begins to widen beyond prepare.


Couples can be prepared for marriage!  Most people don't know that marriage like most partnerships also has a mission to accomplish.  To be prepared for marriage you must first understand the vision for marriage so you are cognizant of what is required of you and as a result of this understanding, you know how you are available for marriage and your partner.  Without a mutual vision the rules are made up as you go along.  This applies to all things in life.  You can testify to this as you observe your own life situations.  You are more successful at obtaining a goal when you know what that goal is which also better prepares you to handle obstacles as they arise.  A vision is especially important when two or more individuals are involved so all are working on one accord toward the same goal.  Understanding the mission from the beginning establishes a strong foundation and better prepares you to have a successful marriage!


In my session(s) I will teach about four spiritual love principes that when embodied and practiced will prevent the common causes of separation and provide you with the tools for establishing a strong foundation for your marriage so you are cultivating a loving partnership that is everlasting.  I can testify to marriage being a blissful union because I'm a part of that marriage now.  I have had my experiences of relationship failures which has given me clarity about what is essential for a loving partnership that is everlasting.  Along with my studies at Maryland University of Integrative Health, I have embodied how to be a healing presence in a world of so much unnecessary suffering and how to coach others so they get to the root of their distress which offers them healing, peace and tranformation. 


Join me to learn about the vision for marriage so you understand what is required of you and also how you are available for this blissful union.  These sessions are for singles, engaged and married couples that want a deeper connection in their marriage.  I hold sessions every month, twice a month on Sundays at 11 AM in Columbia, MD.  I also Skype/FaceTime if time and distance is a concern.  I offer group sessions and private sessions.  Coaching is available if needed.  See reviews on this website.  The next group sessions, Sunday, Feb. 8th & 22nd at 11 AM.  Contact me for private sessions at 410-717-8693.


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