How Are You Prepared For Marriage?

January 3, 2015

My first thoughts about attending a premarital service six years ago were---there are so few role models to show us what it takes to have a successful marriage and there is an unconscious thinking spreading around of "what's in it for me?"  And the final straw was the divorce rate at that time was 50%.  It left me feeling devastated and thinking this can't be love, and marriage must have more to it than what I'm experiencing and witnessing in the world.  


My faith in God and knowing God is light and love has lead me to my calling.  I knew there had to be a greater purpose for marriage because God created it.  God wants us to have a blissful partnership with our spouse so we can emulate to others God's gift of love.  Love and marriage dictates so much about how we live and experience life.  Marriage can be our heaven or hell on earth.  Decades later I learned that all my experiences have helped me to serve my calling to others.  To guide and teach individuals and couples about authentic love and how to cultivate a loving partnership that is everlasting for marriage.


Today I know that you can have a loving partnership that is everlasting for marriage. Couples can have a bond that is so powerful that they know nothing can drive them apart.  My life experiences has taught me about real love, dating, partnerships, parenting and marriage.  It is my mission to teach, heal and coach about self love, loving partnerships, and a loving commitment for marriage that is eternal.  I created A Sacred Marriage out of my passion to begin my mission of teaching the world about cultivating loving partnerships for marriage that are eternal so families are growing & staying together for generations to come.


Love & Blessings,

Rev. Terumi Culmer

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