Should I Leave or Stay?

March 25, 2014

There seems to be so much confusion around when to leave a relationship. Usually it is a very difficult decision to make when you are the one in the relationship. Here are the hard facts of when to stay. 


You are loved and accepted for who your are. They are not trying to change you through anger, manipulation or persuasion. 


He/she is patient and loving with you when you are not yourself.


This person adds joy to your partnership.


You have a partner that wants to be in the relationship with you. You are not constantly telling them how or what they need to do or be in a partnership with you.


This person will bend to support you and the partnership.


He or she has plans for a deeper partnership with you.


This person makes decisions that supports the partnership.


You both are on the same page when it comes to morales and values (trust, loyalty and intimacy)


This person will protect your heart from pain or anything that could hurt you.


When you are with this person they bring out the best in you.


This person uplifts you!



A sure thing that will help you to make a decision with less confusion, is to base your decision on how that person is today right now at this very moment. Do not allow your mind or conscious to keep you stuck by saying...I know he/she will change. I just have to wait be by their side. No, no, no! You are blocking your own ability to attract the person who is right for you and you are enabling the behaviors of that person that is not so supportive of a loving partnership.


Have any questions? Respond below and I will get back to you shortly.




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