January 31, 2014

True LOVE bears all things. When you love your partner deeply, you create trust, loyalty and protection that govern your actions and what you say. When I'm in defense mode within myself, I let my husband know I need a moment to think about it so I can get back to him when I can express myself. I am able to get over myself by focusing on how I contributed instead of blaming or defending. Then, I can later share what I couldn't with my husband. He doesn't take it personal because of the bond that we've already established together through trust, loyalty and protecting. I am always mindful of trust, loyalty and protecting our union so that it is established in our marriage and he then knows what I am capable of if there is ever a time he may have to question something I said or did. We each have receive a gift on a deeper level. The gift is we both learned about my fear and because my husband was available to me, we have deepened our bond together.

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October 18, 2016

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Marriage Is The Level Of Mastery

September 14, 2018

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