How Do I Know He/She Is The One?

January 31, 2014

The first inclination that you've found your soul mate is there is an amazing peace when they look into your eyes. They accept everything about you...even the not so loving parts. They bring out the best in you and you want to be your best for your soul mate. He/she can see growing old with you and there's an excitement about being able to do that. They will protect your heart because they never want to see you hurt. You can be vulnerable with him/her and you can share everything about yourself. You are free to be yourself. Trust, intimacy and loyalty is so amazing!


If you are having power struggles, constant arguments and fights to be yourself, you may want to consider couples coaching. Couples coaching focuses on the present and offers immediate solutions. Call to schedule and appointment 410 717 8693.

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September 14, 2018

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