Premarital is Vital Before You Say "I DO"


The reason most people get married is to love one another for a lifetime.  It is to grow as individuals and to have a partner to create new life experiences in oneness.  Marriage is the level of mastery.  The ultimate intention of marriage is to create the environment for two people to participate in further explorations to master the art of intimacy so that each is loving the other in ways to promote growth beyond what each has already experienced before you say "I DO."  It is the delicate balance of managing the mundane day-to-day routine while strengthening your connection to cultivate a loving partnership that is everlasting for marriage.  Being prepared ahead of time will awaken you to where you stand on marriage and how you are available for unity and your partner.


The key to assuring a strong bond that will endure the test of time is to be conscious of how you are making choices to support unity, loving your partner, intimacy, and growth.  These teachings will give you a telescopic view of the foundation that promotes growth and continued connection, so you are cognizant of how you are available for marriage and crystal clear about the vision that is essential for cultivating a loving partnership that is everlasting. 


Call to schedule your sessions.  This premarital service is offered to singles, engaged and married couples.  Available via Skype and soon in my new location in North Carolina at the end of 2018.  


Choose if you have concerns to address and more coaching is needed to get clear about what you want. 

Choose if you just want the two of you and you have few concerns that may need coaching.

Choose if you want to be informed about love and marriage and you want a deeper understanding of how to cultivate a loving partnership that is everlasting.  *Singles are encouraged to attend this class as early as possible.

A Sacred Marriage Love Sanctuary 

A Sacred Marriage restores the sanctity and reverence of it's timeless foundation to its original roots since the beginning of time, so couples are cognizant of choosing authentic, loving partnerships that are everlasting for generations to come. 


To truly realize the quintessence of a sacred marriage, the foundation must be restored to it's highest honor, so that it is an institution founded in the spirit of love, whereby it cultivates families that are creating authentic, loving partnerships to support, serve and promote growth within the sacred union.  The accomplishment of this mission requires the following; mindfulness of the original purpose of A Sacred Marriage, alignment with the distinct ways of being that are essential for embodiment before entering this divine union, to acknowledge that marriage is a partnership that promotes spiritual growth as individuals and in unity.  Finally, to realize that marriage is stepping into the next level of mastery.  Mastering the art of intimacy, so each is exploring each other as you have known no other.