I am thrilled to say I am on my path to serve my calling in the world!  It is my mission to share with all who want to learn about cultivating loving partnerships that are everlasting for marriage!  This mission is bigger than marriage.  It is two individuals growing and serving their oneness while mentoring to the generations --- love, compassion, growth and partnership.  Imagine the possibilities!


Whether it is a singles or couple's retreat with a focus on self-care, loving partnerships and marriage --- I am available to facilitate both women and men's empowerment groups on love, dating, loving partnerships and marriage.  Contact Terumi Culmer to create an exciting experience that will open all possibilities for healing and elevation to the next level. 

Partnering With Your Organization

Missions are accomplished through partnering with others who share a common vision.  It is my intention to establish partnerships with organizations that are on a mission to bridge the gap in families so loving families are staying together for generations to come.  This involves educating others about authentic love and strong partnerships for marriage, whereby they are cognizant of what is required to be in a loving commitment that is lasting for generations to come.

Seminars &   Workshops...

I serve to inspire and empower others.  My mission is to inform others about how to cultivate a loving partnership that is everlasting for marriage.  Marriage is the heart of your life because it impacts every other aspect of your world and those around you.  Your choices in marriage sets the plot for the story you create with your spouse.  Choose love and unity, and you will deepen your connection with your spouse and emulate to the children and others how to be love in a marriage partnership. 

Open Possibilities to Singles

Stillness, peace, and self-care opens the door to all the answers you seek.  Singles have the advantage because they have an opportunity to explore and set boundaries essential for dating and relationships.  Do you know anyone that will benefit from having the tools to create the lifestyle they desire?  Gather a group of people and let's get together!  Be informed about love, dating and truly loving and living a joyful single life!