Couples Coaching

There is a big difference between a relationship and a partnership.  A relationship is relating on some level with your partner and it still contains "me" ways of being that support one-sidedness.  It lacks a commitment.  A partnership is both sharing a common goal to support "we" ways of being which may lead to marriage.  Complications set in when one person is comfortable with being in a relationship and the other wants more...a partnership.  


In my coaching sessions, you gain a clear understanding about how you are available to your partner and discover other possibilities that will transform how you are interacting to the next level.


Coaching offers faster results so couples understand where they stand after each session.  As a Law of Attraction Coach, I am skilled at assisting you to get at the root of your internal block so you are in alignment with the goals you want to accomplish for yourself and your partnership. 



Begin your journey here and I'm sure you'll learn more about yourself and your partner that will create the partnership you have always wanted.  Coaching helps you shift beyond your limitations.  Plan to have clarity within eight sessions or less! 


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your partner

  • Enhance your partnership

  • Get focused on attracting what you want

  • Learn about processes that shift your energy



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