Foundation of A Sacred Marriage - Class: One Day for Three hours 

Relocating to North Carolina - New schedule coming soon in 2019


During this one-day class, you will gain a deeper understanding of marriage and what is required of you to cultivate a loving partnership for unity that will outlast the test of time.  These teachings are rooted in spirituality without being religious.  The content is 90% real life experience and research materials from authors such as Esther & Jerry Hicks, Myles Munroe, Tony Robbins, and Gary Chapman.  I quote various spiritual leaders to reflect on the topic I speak about during the class.


The class is in a comfortable setting.  Seating is limited to a few couples.  The information is for you to gain insight into as much knowledge possible, so you are cognizant of your availability for unity and your partner.  Attending this class will give you a telescopic view of the sacred foundation that supports marriage, so you are fully aware of where you stand on unity, growth with your partner and crystal clear about the partnership that is essential for marriage.  This class is not intended to solve any personal concerns you may currently have, and it may also bring to the surface any resistance you may be experiencing that may need clarification.  Contrast is good!  It's the way to know what you do want! 


If after attending the class you feel you want to address personal concerns, you may schedule private coaching sessions.  Coaching sessions are available for individuals and couples.  Call 410-717-8693.


To reserve your space for the class, email or call 410-717-8693.


Healthy snacks and tea are available.