Healing Ceremonies

Release & Closure Ceremony

A Release and Closure Ceremony is a spiritual rite to release what no longer serves and allows healing to take place for the future.  When couples decide to transition from unity to separation, closure is needed. During the ceremony, couples symbolically release each other in acceptance and love so there is a harmonious alignment for new beginnings.  If there are children, they are also involved in the ceremony.  


This healing is also wonderful for singles that are experiencing resistance after a breakup and need closure to move on with their life.  Each ceremony is unique to you.  Love Coaching is a part of the release process so we may create a ritual that is unique to you.


Sacred Self Ceremony

This is a commitment ceremony for singles.  Symbolic of a wedding, except you are holding a space and time to honor your Sacred Self.  You are committing to selflessly loving yourself and genuinely spending the vital time to explore all that brings you closer to your divine self, creating a more confident radiant you because you are in alignment with your sacred self.  

Singles meet in a group setting.  We meet three times a month for one and half hours.  During our meetings, you will be inspired by the beauty of being truly single.  Coaching is provided after the session for those that want guidance on their journey.  Call to talk about packages available.